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The conference “Sensory-motor concepts in language and cognition” focuses on the challenges and boundaries of an interdisciplinary study. The goal is to discuss strategies and to propose ways to bridge the gulf between more or less theoretical operating disciplines such as linguistics and philosophy and more experimentally orientated disciplines such as cognitive neuroscience.

The following questions dealing with the representation and computation of language in the minds and brains of speakers will be raised: How do we perceive the world? In which way are the single entities of our perception stored? What role do sensory-motor concepts play in our understanding of the world and for the linguistic encoding?

The conference will focus on transparent and opaque source domains, both of which are grounded in sensory-motor concepts and critically discuss empirical, experimental and clinical results and linguistic evidence as well as conceptual arguments.

We invite the submission of abstracts on all kinds of empirical and theoretical approaches which involve sensory-motor concepts and which deal with the following questions or topics:

  • Advantages and limits of sensory-motor source domains
  • Language change based on sensory-motor concepts
  • Action versus object processing
  • Temporal aspects of language processing
  • Clinical evidence for allocation of action or object attributes in the brain
  • The relation between perception, action and sensory-motor concepts

Submission guidelines

Abstracts are not to exceed two A4 pages in length, including examples and references, with at least 2 cm margins on all sides and 12 pt font size. The abstract should not identify the author(s).

Details of the submission procedure will are provided soon on the conference homepage at Abstracts can be submitted via EasyChair at

The conference proceedings will be published in the SFB series of Duesseldorf University Press.

Submissions are managed through EasyChair. To make a new submission, go to

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 1 October 2011 (!)
Notification of acceptance: 15 October 2011
Revised abstracts due: 15 November 2011
Conference date: 1–3 December 2011


Contact person: Liane Stroebel (
Meeting e-mail:


Poster Session

There will be a 90 minute moderated Poster Session on 02 December 2011 from 5pm to 6.30pm. The Poster Session is designed to permit the author(s) to explain and illustrate concepts and techniques on research findings in a simple graphic manner and to discuss them with other participants (Poster format A1/594 x 841mm).

The Poster Session will be thematically structured, and include the possibility of an individual two minute presentation at podium (onePowerPointSlide).

The Poster Session will be the only event at this particular time and take place in the same room as the talks.


In order to facilitate the scientific exchange between the different disciplines presented at this conference a „Bulletin-board“ will be available.

The „Bulletin-board“ can be consulted during lunch (1pm-2.30pm) or coffee breaks (10.30am-11am & 4.30pm-5pm) in order to get an overview about the research interests of the participants.

The „Bulletin-board“ is open for all participants (with or without talk/poster).

There are no restrictions concerning the format, but the „flyers“ should indicate photo, name, affiliation and research interests of the participant.



Aims & Scope

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Invited Talks:

Giovanni Buccino

Michiel van Elk

Raymond W. Gibbs 

Olaf Hauk

Srini Narayanan

Alex Tillas

Gerard Steen

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