Liane Ströbel

International Discourses of Authoritarian Populism

Now available: „International Discourses of Authoritarian Populism –
Varieties and Approaches“

Not adhering to any particular school, the volume explores populism from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, with contributions characterized by heuristic openness as called for by the manifold manifestations of populism.The chapters balance theoretical and empirical studies, as well as quantitative and qualitative surveys and case studies, to offer readings on historical and new types of populism, and the politicians associated with these variates.

Authors draw on a variety of print, digital, textual, and visual source materials to provide a close examination of the phenomena interconnected with populism, including separatism (Catalexit), human rights and legal issues, debate rhetoric, and journalism, with many authors writing as insiders about the situation within their own country.

Many thanks to: Michael Adams, Stephen Alomes, Nelly Margarita Arenas, Eleni Blum, Stella Gianfreda, Thea Göhring, Sandra Issel-Dombert, David H. Kamens, Urpo Kovala, Alicia Rodríguez López, Jennifer M. Love, Virpi Salojärvi, Tuija Saresma, Lilla Petronella Szabó, Tuula Vaarakallio and Ágnes Virág.

Ludwig Deringer and Liane Ströbel

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