Liane Ströbel

31. Oktober 2016
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Sensory Motor Concepts in Language & Cognition

The question as to how the mind creates “mental images” of concepts and memories, and how we use them in communication and thought, has fascinated philosophers for centuries. While it seems obvious that we acquire the meaning of objects, actions, … Weiterlesen

26. März 2013
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Logic, Language, and Computation

Logic, Language, and ComputationLecture Notes in Computer ScienceVolume 7758, 2013, pp 73-93    Sitting, Standing, and Lying in Frames: A Frame-Based Approach to Posture Verbs Thomas Gamerschlag, Wiebke Petersen, Liane Ströbel Abstract Posture verbs which allow for an extended locative use, such as … Weiterlesen